New Native Theatre is hiring an Artistic Producer

New Native Theatre (NNT) is expanding its staff to include an additional (40 hrs/wk) Artistic Producer, to work closely with the Artistic Director and current Artistic Producers carrying out New Native Theatre’s artistic programming.

NNT’s mission is to create pathways into meaningful careers in the performing arts for American Indians from tribally affiliated backgrounds due to the historical deficits that have kept this community from being accepted in and succeeding in the theater and performing arts fields and from successfully using the tools of theatre in tribal communities.

If you have a goal to work with Native artists and community in an environment that prioritizes the strengths and ingenuity of indigenous peoples rather than trying to make Native artists and community fit into the rigid box of historic American theater practices; if you prioritize working to see Native artists and community succeed by encouraging their creative strengths stemming from their lived experiences in Native communities; if you have a strong world view and practice of maturity and self-care rooted in indigenous value systems; and if you want to use the powerful tools of theater to add to the strength of Native communities and tribal nations, then please consider applying for the position.

This is an in-office position with the opportunity to occasionally work from home; therefore, out of state applicants are only encouraged to apply if Minnesota is their primary state of residence.

Hiring immediately, please send resume and cover letter to Artistic Director Rhiana Yazzie, Please do not send personal messages via text or social media apps.

Job Description

Artistic Producer’s main responsibilities are working with the Artistic Director to program, curate and carryout NNT’s season. This includes the day-to-day administrative responsibilities of managing and future planning of programming with the Administrative & Finance Manager, Media Advisor, and Grants Manager. Other expectations include cultivating meaningful relationships with Minnesota Native communities and local and national organizational partners. This is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and strengthening of a candidate’s artistic craft; and it is an ideal position for someone wanting to base their career in an arts organization for the next 3-5 years minimum.

Candidates with event production experience is valued. However, candidates need not have a higher degree in theatre; equivalent higher degree, work experience in community, regional, tribal, theatre settings or other arts discipline and experience working with Native American community is ideal. Successful candidates are committed to making theater with, by, and for American Indian constituents while successfully integrating that with the day-to-day responsibilities of its administration.

Candidates must be detail oriented and knowledgeable about writing grants and grant management for performing arts and/or Native American organizations, or will be expected to learn these processes. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, financial literacy, budget creation, and ability to keep records to track programming success and areas of improvement is highly desirable.

Because of historical and current systems that have created deficits that keep American Indian community and artists from being accepted in and succeeding in the performing arts fields, a strong attention to personal health and well being, self-care, emotional regulation, communication, and a willingness to learn about trauma management in the workplace and arts field would be important for candidates to take into consideration in order to be part of and strengthen New Native Theatre’s current vision and mission.

Shared duties and Expectations:

● Artistic Producers will be expected to take on various theater production duties including planning, coordinating, management, design, casting, directing, producing, teaching, outreach, Front of House & box office duties, etc.. Candidates whose expertise is in another arts discipline, will be expected to learn theater production if not familiar with theater practices. NNT is committed to working with and teaching theater practices to the right candidate.

● Communicate regularly and effectively with other staff about activities and seek support from appropriate staff and board.

● Work with and lead NNT’s artists (and artist ensemble).

● Occasional reporting to NNT’s board.

● Collectively facilitate educational programming: includes developing curriculum, teaching artist duties and/or contracting teaching artists, and EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) consulting, podcasting, and other special events.

● Helping with and/or planning of receptions in conjunction with NNT programs and fund-raising campaigns, which would include working with volunteers, contractors, vendors, caterers, and food coordination.

● Volunteer coordination (and contractor coordination) on all aspects of events and programming as needed.

● Represent the company at NNT endorsed community and endorsed broader events. Represent the company including speaking on behalf of the staff as directed.

● Execution of PR plans and working with the Media staff regarding:

        o Social media campaigns/communication o Printed materials (also distribution/mailing of)

        o Advertising o Directed communication with NNT artists for PR and playbill creation, and team building activities.

● Ensure communication with Native and broader audiences to attend NNT events.

● Duties needed to liaise with Native community and organizational partners.

● Writing contributing content to grants, tracking outcomes, evaluation.

● Maintain accurate email and mailing list.

● Data entry and filing.

● Keeping shared office space organized.

● Some merchandise inventory maintenance and sales.

● Undertake any other responsibilities as required.


● A passion for and strong interest in the American Indian community, particularly in theatre and the arts.

● Demonstrated high emotional intelligence.

● Strong ability to engage confidently and pleasantly with a wide range of people.

● Effective time management skills.

● Highly organized.

● Detail-oriented.

● Self-starter.

● Flexible and adaptable

● Ability to take responsibility.

● Positive thinking and attitude.

● Able to prioritize and manage a complex work-flow.

● Proven understanding of work plans and theatre productions schedule.

● Able to prioritize NNT events and programming.

        o Must attend NNT events, which often take place weekends, evenings, and outside the regular work week.

● Outstanding leadership and communication skills and confidence working alongside peers, established artists, and Native community at large.

● Ensure best practices and NNT policies are in place and adhered to at all times.

● Wide range of administrative experience.

● Basic knowledge of creative contractual agreements.

● Exemplary grammar and writing skills, ability to replicate NNT’s communication standards.

● Some overnight travel, attending out state or national NNT events, productions, professional training, conferences for NNT events, and NNT associations (estimated maximum 4-5 times yearly).

● Understanding of New Native Theatre company and history.

● Speak passionately and knowledgeably about all aspects of NNT and support the mission and any objectives.

● Experience and knowledge of health and safety practices and its practical application in theatre.

● A demonstrated dedication to accessibility and inclusion in your personal leadership and artistic practices and a passion to continue to grow in these areas.

● Be willing to have courageous conversations.

● A team player who can be relied on to work independently.

● Ongoing commitment to learn theatre and self-care practices.

This is not an entry level position.

Compensation: full-time salaried ($30/hr) with vacation and health benefits.

Hiring immediately.

Please send a Cover Letter/Artist’s Statement highlighting:

● Your artistic creative vision, themes you explore most in your work, and why you want to reach Native audiences as a full-time employee in an arts organization.

● The ways you realize your artistic approach and style.

● Your desire to work at New Native Theatre.

Also include a work & artistic resume and any other helpful supporting material to the Artistic Director, Rhiana Yazzie at by January 31, 2023 (please note hires may happen before this deadline, candidates are encouraged to apply early). Please no private messages via social media messaging services.

New Native Theatre is a new way of looking at, thinking about, and staging Native American stories. 

Casting Call!

New Native Theatre is casting for our spring production of “This is How We Got Here” by Keith Barker.  Please see the breakdown in the flyer below and send an email to to audition.