The Unplugging

We’re excited to be returning to in-person theatre this September with our outdoor production of Yvette Nolan’s play THE UNPLUGGING! The play runs from September 2 to September 19 at the former Migizi Communications & Gandhi Mahal Site, located at 3017 S. 27th Avenue. A free light lunch is provided during every performance by Gandhi Mahal!


Tickets are pay-what-you-can with the suggested price of $35. You can purchase tickets HERE

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THE UNPLUGGING tells the story of two women who are exiled from their village in a post-apocalyptic world, after passing child-bearing age. They rely on their traditional wisdom to survive. But when a stranger from their village seeks their help, the women must decide if they will use their knowledge of the past to help the society that rejected them.


Yvette Nolan – Director

Rhiana Yazzie – Artistic Director

Sara Pillatzki Warzeha – Assistant Director

Patric Verrone – Stage Manager

Lini Wilkins – Company Elder

Peter Morrow – Technical Director

Blossom Johnson – Education Dramaturg

Mina Kinukawa – Set Designer

Alyssa Olson – Costume Designer

Kevin Springer – Sound Designer

Kenji Shoemaker – Prop Designer

Frankie Charles – Carpenter

Thomas Draskovic – Composer 


Alicia Garcia – Elena

Alicia Smith – Elena

Lyz Jaakola – Bern

Christina Woods – Bern

Joshua Simpson – Seamus

Raymond Niu – Seamus


Click the cover below to see our theatre guide for “The Unplugging,” that features interviews with Yvette Nolan, Costume Designer Alyssa Olsen, Actor Lyz Jaakola, and Set Designer Mina Kinukawa, and ZINES from our summer workshop series. We also have articles by Angela Starz, Milly Grant- Koria and Agleska Cohen-Rencountre.

This theatre guide is for our community and we hope it inspires them to connect or continue to form relationships with their community. Ahéhee!’ Phidamaya ye! 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻˙(THAH-leen)!

We are grateful to Riz Prakasim, Manager of Gandhi Mahal, for letting us use their space for our show. Read below for info about Riz’s involvement in the food sovereignty movement.

Gandhi Mahal was started by Riz Prakasim’s friend Ruhel Islam and brother Jamil Ahmed. Riz joined the restaurant as the manager. And together, they introduced Indian food and ancient spices to the community, promoting healthy eating and food sustainability and providing vegetarian and vegan options. Riz understood that local food and food security were important to the community and thought deeply about food sovereignty after seeing how Hurricane Sandy hurt the east coast and disrupted the food chain. Riz realized that food is the true wealth and took a close look at the food systems to understand who’s behind them and who benefits from them and who doesn’t. Riz believes we need to look at what causes oppression for us to move towards liberation. And he also believes that we need to remember that at one point all food was organic, and we need to ask ourselves when did that shift and who shifted it.
Gandhi Mahal Restaurant decided to lead by example to advocate for food sovereignty and give back to the community. When the restaurant was created, they used green methods that focused on waste reduction and recycling. Riz helped create the Interfaith Garden, a collaboration between Gandhi Mahal & All Saints Episcopal in which the harvest supports the feeding ministry of First Nations Kitchen, and this is where we are performing THE UNPLUGGING. Gandhi Mahal also created the Community Room that allows people and organizations who are looking to do something good to use the space for free. The restaurant is currently being resurrected. 


Leading up to our production, New Native Theatre is hosting a summer workshop series. See below for details.

Below are photos from our show, taken by Jeff Schad.